Fireplaces can be an inviting and positive addition to your home. With so many styles to choose from, there is a fireplace for everyone. Fireplaces can be great for people who want to improve their interior decorating or want to save energy.

Yet, if you have never had to install one before, the process can seem overwhelming. There are certain rules and budgetary restrictions that must be considered. Before installing a fireplace, do some research to find out what you need to prepare for. 

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If you have always wanted to own a fireplace but don’t know where to start, this buyer’s guide can help you. By looking at styles, budget, and installation, you can set up a beautiful fireplace in your home. Here is everything you need to know about buying a fireplace and what to expect out of the installation process. 

Why Should I Install a Fireplace?

There are many reasons why fireplaces can be great home additions. For one thing, there are several types of fireplaces for every kind of person. You may not be able to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, but you can install an electric fireplace instead. 

Even if you are not used to having a fireplace, the addition may prove to be beneficial for your living space. As an energy-efficient alternative to heating, fireplaces can help you save money. They can also be great for people interested in sustainable living.

Working with a professional installation company can improve your decision process. A fireplace can be a wonderful addition to your home, but a few things need to be evaluated before installation. That Fireplace Store can help you choose the best possible fireplace for your home. 

Energy Efficiency

Instead of using a heating system to warm up your home, you can use a fireplace. As an energy-efficient alternative, you can save hundreds of dollars. Since fireplaces can produce large amounts of heat, they can replace a heating system altogether. 

Be mindful of the fact that not all fireplaces produce heat. Some electric fireplaces only provide an atmospheric illusion of a hearth. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is something to keep in mind when choosing your fireplace. 


Fireplaces provide a cozy and comforting atmosphere to your living space. If you enjoy curling up with a good book, it may be perfect for you. Have the fireplace going while watching a movie with your partner or hanging out with your pets. 

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Not only that, but the natural feel of a fireplace can add to its homey appearance. Wood-burning fireplaces have a particularly traditional style. When the smell and warmth of a fireplace light up the room, it draws people in. 

Interior Decorating

While fireplaces can be very atmospheric, they can also be pleasing to the eye. Visitors may notice the fireplace, and you may appreciate its interior design. With a number of fireplaces to choose from, the opportunities are endless.

This can also help you narrow down your choices. If you’re more interested in a traditional style, a wood-burning fireplace may be for you. But, if you appreciate a modern, contemporary style, an electric fireplace may suit you. It all depends on your preferences, and there is a style for everyone. 

Types of Fireplaces

Once you make the decision to add a fireplace to your home, it is time to figure out what kind you would like. There are different types of fireplaces with varying styles and designs. Depending on the space, you may be restricted to a certain kind of fireplace.

But, even if you have the freedom to choose any type of fireplace, engage yourself with the entire process. Some states have installation restrictions on certain types of fireplaces, most notably vent-free. Make sure that nothing is missed and that your fireplace is being installed correctly. 

That Fireplace Store offers fireplaces for every type of customer. We install wood-burning, gas, and electric fireplaces. By working with a professional company, we can help you pick the best type of fireplace for your home. 

1. Wood-Burning

Wood-burning fireplaces resemble a traditional form of installation. Placed within a chimney, wood gets burnt within the hearth. From there, smoke gets released from the chute. These fireplaces are commonly associated with classical interior designs, especially with their attachment to masonry. They also produce the most heat, making them extremely energy efficient. 

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Even so, they can require a little more maintenance due to the nature of their installation. Since there is nothing covering the flue, smoke is more likely to get into the home. You will also need to consistently monitor the chimney to avoid problems later on. 

2. Gas

A gas fireplace uses propane or natural gas to create a consistent flame around artificial logs. It resembles a traditional fireplace without as much maintenance. It does not require a chimney and does not need a traditional flue. 

Gas fireplaces also provide a lot of heat, similar to a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Without the need to clean up ashes or worry about smoke, gas fireplaces are very easy to maintain. But, similar to vent-free fireplaces, there is a slight risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. 

3. Vent-Free

Vent-free fireplaces are installed into the wall, using gas as a form of fuel. Similar to gas fireplaces, vent-free hearths require very little upkeep. Resembling a traditional wood-burning fireplace with its look and feel, they are very easy to install. 

Since ventilation is trapped within the chimney, you won’t have to worry about smoke entering your home. You also won’t need to clean up any soot or ash around the surrounding area. But, there is a slight risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. If you choose to install a vent-free fireplace, have detectors nearby. 

4. Electric

Electric fireplaces resemble fireplaces with their presentation, but they are the easiest to maintain. Without the need for a chimney, masonry repair, or fuel, they are very low maintenance. 

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If you are interested in a fireplace without intense upkeep, this may be the option for you. Just keep in mind that they produce less heat output. Even so, they can be placed anywhere in the home. They are very easy to install and are usually pretty cheap to purchase. 

Fuel Options

The type of fuel you need depends on the fireplace you have. Some need wood while others don’t need much at all. It can be important to check your budget and time to find out what works for you.

For example, if you install a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you will need logs to keep it going. Otherwise, you may need to decide between propane or natural gas, especially if you want a sustainable home. It all depends on how much you plan to use the fireplace and how much time you want to put into it. 


As the term implies, wood-burning fireplaces need logs to function. These can be bought for cheaper prices during the off-season and give your home a comfy atmosphere. A wood-burning fireplace can produce a lot of heat, and most of it comes from its fuel source. 

Even so, it can be hard to maintain a wood-burning fireplace. They definitely require the most work out of a homeowner, and smoke can sometimes get into the house. But, if you enjoy a natural atmosphere, using wood as a fuel source may not be a problem for you. 


Gas is the most popular fuel source for fireplaces. This comes with the convenience it provides along with its strong heat output. There are two types of gases that can be used to fuel a fireplace: propane and natural gas.

For people who don’t have a municipality utility line for natural gas, propane will have to work. The only problem that comes with propane is the risk of gas exposure. For that reason, natural gas has become the preferred alternative for fireplace fuel.


Propane is a fuel source that comes in the form of a tank. It is given to homeowners with a gas fireplace who can’t use natural fuel. Fireplace manufacturers will work with homeowners to make sure they install a propane fireplace. This will support its fuel usage and provide an ample amount of heat output.

Natural Gas

Utilized in urban or suburban communities, natural gas is the preferred choice for gas fireplaces. Natural gas doesn’t produce as much soot, meaning that it is easier to maintain. It also doesn’t need electricity, meaning that a fireplace can be a heating source if the power goes out.

What Type of Fireplace Should I Choose?

The type of fireplace you choose will be dependent on where you’re placing it in your home. Certain fireplaces may need construction, so come up with an idea of how much work you would like to put into it. It can also depend on your personal preference. Are you looking for something low maintenance? Are you installing one for interior decorating? 

Certain states or counties have ordinances set in place for fireplace installation. Wood-burning and vent-free fireplaces need more insight than an electric fireplace. This is because of the need for ventilation and chimney space. The moment you decide on a fireplace is the moment you need to research its installation process. 

That Fireplace Store can help you install your fireplace. It can be helpful to have a professional observe your home to see what needs to happen before installation. By working with their customers, That Fireplace Store will look at city ordinances before installing a fireplace.

Where Should I Put My Fireplace?

While it is up to you, your fireplace may have to be put in a specific location. This can be due to regulations on ventilation, chimney space, or safety. Try to take a look at your home to see if there is a particular spot you have in mind. 

If you have already made a decision on the type of fireplace you want, you may be able to narrow down your choices. If you are installing a wood-burning or vent-free fireplace, you may need to have it in the living room. If you are purchasing an electric fireplace, it can be placed anywhere in your home.

That Fireplace Store can work with you on installation location. Our professionals are prepared to do anything they can to input your fireplace in its location. Whether you are buying a vent-free or electric fireplace, we are ready to help you with the process.

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