Common Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

Brick Mortar Chimney Repointing

Mortar is the substance used to stick bricks together in order to create a stable chimney. Mortar that has just been laid is smooth, while old mortar is generally rough and crumbly, as the elements eat away at it. Mortar is softer than brick and deteriorates long before the bricks do.

Repointing – also knows at tuckpointing – is the process of scraping away old mortar and replacing it with new mortar. When this is being done, any good mortar will be left alone, while the crumbly parts will be removed and replaced. If the mortar is particularly stubborn, we’ll opt to use a hammer and chisel instead of a joint raker to ensure that the job gets done efficiently and properly, despite the obvious hurdle.

Chimney Sealing & Waterproofing

A chimney that leaks is a chimney that just won’t do. It’s also a chimney that our team would be more than happy to repair. It’s important to seal and/or add waterproofing to your leaky chimney to prevent weather-related damage and the hazards that come with having a crumbling chimney. In addition to your chimney breaking down, leaks can also cause rust. When left to their own devices, these problems can quickly escalate, damaging your home and costing you a small fortune.

If your chimney has any structural damage such as cracks, as professionals, we’ll want to repair these issues before adding sealant or waterproofing to ensure the success of the added products.

Crown Repairs

The crown is one of the most important parts of your chimney. It’s the part that prevents water from making its way inside of the chimney’s masonry to cause damage. If your crown is damaged – cracked, crumbling or otherwise failing-, the results can be dangerous, expensive, and hard to fix.

Our team understands the severity of chimney problems and as a result, knows exactly what to do to prevent you from having to pay for costly structural damage due to a failing crown.

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chimney repointing

Damper Repairs and Replacements

A reliable, fully functioning damper is critical to any household with a fireplace. Whether the fireplace is used or simply looks nice, the damper is very important. Dampers are responsible for preventing drafts, rodents, and insects from coming in, and for effectively venting the home and dispelling carbon monoxide when the fireplace is being used. Too much carbon monoxide in the home can have unfavorable results regarding the health of you and your family. Generally, dampers are kept close when the fireplace isn’t in use, which is where the elements of rodent, draft, and insect prevention come into play.

This being said, a damper that doesn’t open and close properly can make it hard to control the home’s temperature and allow for uninvited guests to make themselves at home in your home.

Another common problem with dampers is that the damper lever has come undone or otherwise unattached from the main system. Animal intrusion is also a frequent problem and, in this case, the entire damper will often need to be replaced. Yes, these problems all sound like a pain – not to mention expensive!

Luckily, we offer repairs and replacements that you can rely on to withstand the elements for a lengthy period of time. When a replacement is necessary, we’ll offer you a variety of dampers to choose from, ranging from basic, run-of-the-mill systems to dampers with more sophistication, such as the energy-top damper.

Damper Repairs Information- How To

The first step is always to clean your fireplace. Using leather gloves to protect your hands, get rid of the ashes. Next, you’ll need to find the damper. It’s usually positioned just a foot above the fireplace itself.

Proceed to remove the damper. You’ll have to use a wrench to remove the nuts that it’s attached to the fireplace with. Now, you’ll be able to replace the damper. Make sure that it’s the exact same size as the old one. Attach the damper to a rod by sliding it through. Finish up by securing it to the wall. All you have to do is secure and tighten the bolts.

Before you finish up, test out the damper. Move it from open to close a few times and check that it’s working smoothly. Now, you can put the grate on your fireplace again and get all set up to use it again.

Why You Should Choose Us

When looking for chimney repairs near me We realize there are other professional chimney care services out there, but the heart of our business is within our customers.

Excellent Customer Service

Our entire team is highly trained in customer service. From our receptionists to the members who provide the physical services, everyone knows how to treat a customer. You’ll be treated with the respect you deserve every time.

Beautiful Restorations

We understand that the appearance of your fireplace and chimney is important to you. As a home or business owner, the way your structures look plays into your success buying and selling, or attracting customers. That’s why we take pride in providing restorations that are not only functional and durable but also pleasing to the eye. Each restoration is an asset, upping the value of your home.

Unmatched Experience

Between our team members, we have years of hands-on experience. We’ve worked on everything from the most minor hairline fractures to structures that are crumbling as we work on them. We also have experience working in a variety of conditions and unpleasant situations, so you can rest assured that, whatever your situation, the job will be done to your satisfaction.

Quick turnaround Time

In today’s busy society, time is a valuable resource. As professionals, we know you’re busy. It’s because of this we strive for a quick and reasonable turnaround time that is free of unnecessary delays and hold ups. This guarantee also translates to call backs and email communication. We return phone calls, emails, and other communications as soon as possible.

Competitive Pricing

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry; we offer competitive pricing for all of our fireplace and chimney services. A repair or replacement with us won’t have you deciding between which two important bills you can afford to pay. You’ll have a new and improved structure and money left over after the job is done.