The Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric fireplace inserts are similar to wood or natural gas-fueled fireplace inserts, although easier to install and maintain. These are boxes designed to simulate the appearance of a traditional wood-burning fire but use electricity to produce heat instead. Rather than adding in fuel, you simply plug the electric fireplace insert into a suitable outlet.


Features and Versatility


Electric fireplace inserts have no shortage of design options. They can be chosen for their ability to blend into their surroundings, or they can be installed as a functional statement piece. No matter the room’s interior design, you can undoubtedly find an electric fireplace insert that’s a perfect match.


Masonry fireplaces are strictly stuck in place once they’re built. Electric fireplace inserts can be placed in a variety of spaces, not just where the previous fireplace has been installed (or even if there’s never been a traditional fireplace). Many can be used wherever an appropriate outlet is within reach.

Size and Function

While there are standard sizes that you’ll see more often when looking at electric fireplace inserts, you can choose a size that fits your needs. You can choose a smaller insert for supplemental heating, or a larger insert to use as a primary heating source

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Advantages of Using an Electric Fireplace Insert


Traditional fireplaces come with their own safety hazards, namely an open flame and heat that seeps into surrounding building materials. Both of these can cause significant risk, especially in older, damaged, or poorly maintained fireplaces. Electric fireplace inserts do produce heat, but they’re insulated to prevent heat transfer to the stone or wood around them. While they also produce the illusion of flames, there are no actual open flames to worry about.

Ease of Use

Electric fireplace inserts are easy to use; to start it up, you simply press a button or flip a switch. No manual ignition or adding fuel is needed. These inserts also require very little maintenance; with wood-burning fireplaces, there’s smoke, ash, and soot that needs frequent cleaning. Electric fireplace inserts don’t produce any of the mess and don’t need much care for a lifetime of use.


Electricity is already a more efficient heating source than many fuel types, and electric fireplace inserts are actually more efficient than central heating systems. They use less electricity overall, and that can be a big bonus when you’re looking to cut your energy bill. Electric inserts are more efficient at heating the room since the heat produced is directed into the room and isn’t lost in the process.

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